List of Committees and Contact Info

If you are interested in joining any of the committees, or have ideas for programs or events, please contact the committee chair or fill out the Volunteer Interest Form and the committee chair will get in touch with you. Download a summary of the committee descriptions.

Advocacy Committee

The mission of the Advocacy Committee is to promote public works priorities by tracking, monitoring or drafting proposed legislation that would affect public works and providing advocacy support, outreach and education to elected officials and other interested parties.

Committee Chair: Karibia Baillargeon- Chapter Advocacy Ambassador


The Awards Committee facilitates the local program to recognize, promote, celebrate and acknowledge the design and construction of public works projects and staff that improve the communities within the San Diego and Imperial County region.

Committee Chairs: Greg Kump and Anthony Naderhoff (

Dinner Gala

The Committee’s mission is to celebrate working relationships and leadership in the public works community. The APWA Dinner Gala Committee organizes the annual dinner gala to celebrate and recognize all who serve our communities and financially support the chapters students scholarship and philanthropy efforts.

Committee Chair: Open (

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee creates a sense of belonging by welcoming, supporting and celebrating the diversity of lived experiences represented by public works professionals throughout the San Diego and Imperial County region. The Committee provides opportunities for connection and learning among members to enrich their understanding of DEI topics and enable them to create positive changes toward making the public works field more diverse, equitable and inclusive.

Committee Chair: Craddock Stropes (

Education Committee

The Education Committee provides and facilitates interesting, informative, and unique educational opportunities to our members and the San Diego Public Works community as a whole. Our signature event is the Public Works Institute. The yearly seminar is divided into four modules that cover a complete spectrum of actual practices within Public Works in San Diego for emerging leaders at all levels. It is taught by practitioners for practitioners. After completing all four modules of the PWI, attendees will earn an APWA Certification in Public Works Management.

Committee Chair: Open (

Golf Tournament Committee

The mission of the Golf Tournament Committee is to provide an enjoyable social event that fosters networking of members while generating donations for the scholarship fund.

Committee Chair: Andrew Thies and Mario Terrazas (

Host Committee

A subcommittee to the Membership Committee – the Host Committee is the heart of our hospitality – welcoming attendees and assisting with meeting logistics.

Committee Chair: Sharon Singleton (

International Affairs

Our mission is to explore and develop professional and cultural exchanges with other public works communities in other countries, primarily in Baja California, Mexico.

Committee Chair: Myrna Dayton (

Internship Committee

Partner with local firms and agencies to provide paid internship opportunities to students at reduced or no cost to the hiring entity.

Committee Chair: Karina Guevara (

Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee is dedicated to reaching out, promoting, and distributing current information on APWA functions and activities to its members. Marketing efforts include managing social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram, X, and a LinkedIn Company Page and LinkedIn Group.

Committee Chair: Tedi Jackson (

Co-chair: Melanie Perry (

Membership Committee

The mission of the APWA Membership Committee is to increase active membership by promoting the benefits of participation, the value of professional networking, and making APWA membership the “want-to-join” association for all public works professionals.

Committee Chair: Kristie Bevacqua (

North County Committee

The North County Events Committee provides educational and networking opportunities for members located in northern San Diego and Southwest Riverside County; along with supporting the greater San Diego Chapter.

Committee Chair: Patrick Thomas (

Operations & Maintenance Committee

The O&M Committee fosters an environment of safety, training, and service among Operations and Maintenance Professionals through sharing of skills, accomplishments, and expertise. The committee provides training opportunities and hosts the Operations and Maintenance Rodeo event annually to recognize the accomplishments of Operations and Maintenance Professionals in San Diego and Imperial Counties.

Committee Chair: Luke Holbrook (

Past Presidents Council

In 1998, under the leadership of Keith Gillfillan (Chapter President, 1997), the Past Presidents Council (PPC) was formed, as an advisory and support group to the Board of Directors. This Council advises the Board on strategic issues and takes on special assignments such as facilitating strategic planning of the incoming executive board, writing articles to the local publication on matters affecting public works, preparing updates to the by-laws, and serving on local public works-related commissions and boards. The PPC also provides a valuable link to past executive councils and continuity to key decisions that helped mold the Chapter in prior years. At the beginning of the year, they solicit special assignments from the new executive board, or recommend tasks that they may take on. The Immediate Past President, who sits on the executive board, acts as the liaison to the PPC and keeps them informed on current board actions and decisions. Early assignments for the PPC began by writing editorial articles to local publications on such issues as aging infrastructure, costs of delivering a capital project, and unfunded mandates. Members of the PPC serve on boards and commissions, such as the City of San Diego Consultant Pre-Selection Committee, which evaluates consultant qualifications for specific City projects and recommends consultants for the final selection.

This group was especially valuable in recruiting, organizing, and monitoring over 400 volunteers for the 2003 APWA Congress in San Diego. A daunting year-long assignment leading up to the Congress and working tirelessly throughout Congress. Many past presidents have served, and currently serve, on the House of Delegates (HOD), acting as liaisons between APWA National and our chapter, and advising on matters of new chapter operations, policies, and procedures as set by National. Members of the PPC include (year as president):

Paz Gomez (2023) Gerard Lumabas (2022) Greg Humora (2021) Jayne Janda-Timba (2020) Silvia Noriega (2019) Kevin Gibson (2018) Pedro Orso-Delgado (2017) Roya Golchoobian (2016) Vic Bianes (2015) Clark Fernon (2014) Jim Haughey (2013) Tim Gabrielson (2012) Tony Heinrichs (2011) Tom Frank (2010) Ed Walton (2009) Patti Boekamp (2008) Howard Arnold (2007) Hossein Ruhi (2006) Chuck Spinks (Kimley-Horn) Pat Thomas (2004) Linda Scott (2003) Doug Isbell (2002) Paul Cooley (2001) Cameron Berkuti (2000) Augie Chang (1999) Steven Wallace (1998) Keith Gillifillan (1997) Jeff Cooper (1996) Jim Casey (1995) John Sullivan (1994) Richard Jacobs (1993) Dennis Ross (1992) Allan Cooper (1991) Ann Burnett-Troisi (1990) Frank Dudek (1989) Alan Archibald (1988) Marv Muzenmaier (1987) Theresa McTighe (1986) Rinus Baak (1985) Jeffrey Young (1984) Bill Stracker (1983) Chuck Bras (1982) Gary Dyer (1981) Don Kaiser (1980) Donald Todd (1979) Ronald Beckman (1978) Raymond Stone (1977) Paul Fabares (1976) Frank Westfall (1975) John Dainwood (1974) Bob Friedgen (1973) Alton Ruden (1972) John Williamson (1971) Sam Ward (1970) Charles Smith (1969) Eric Quartly (1968) John Pizzato (1967) JP Ekstrand (1965-66) David Speer (1964-65) Edwin Cleaver (1963-64) Lane Cole (1962-63) Ed Gabrielson (1961-62) Robert Hoke (1960-61) Norman Beenfeldt (1959-60) Warren Barney (1958-59) Ernest Taylor (1957-58) John Davis (1956-57) Virgil Larson (1955-56) Verne Parker (1954-55)

Scholarship Committee


Small Business Committee

Committee Chair: Andrew Neuhaus (

Social and Community Service Committee

Our mission is to serve our community through thoughtful actions and meaningful service while creating valuable connections and solutions for those serving our community through public works.

Committee Chair: Jason Sanders (

Student Outreach

Bridge the gap between college students and public works professionals through exposure to projects, access to mentors, and work experience opportunities and inform and educate students about public works.

Committee Chair: Silvia Noriega

Sustainability Committee

The San Diego and Imperial Counties Joint APWA/ASCE/ACEC Sustainable Infrastructure and Natural Resource Management Committee (a.k.a. Sustainability Committee) is a network of professionals within the San Diego and Imperial County Sections of the American Public Works Association (APWA), the San Diego Section of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), and the San Diego Chapter of the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC). The committee’s mission is to advance the practice of sustainable engineering in the planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of civil works within the San Diego and Imperial County regions of California. Click here to visit our website.

Committee Chair: Réne Vidales (

Technology Committee

A collaborative effort between agencies, consultants, and tech innovators to discuss implementation experiences, user engagement, and advancements. Provides a forum to learn and share focusing on APWA Top 5 Technologies in Public Works.

Committee Chair: Mark Nassar (

Transportation Committee

The mission of the Transportation Committee is to gather information on the best practices, legislation and programs in transportation and encourage their use by educating the APWA membership to deliver transportation services effectively and efficiently. The Transportation Committee primarily serves the General committee’s goal to assist APWA members to acquire and maintain the skills and knowledge necessary to successfully manage public works infrastructure.

Committee Chair: Eric Zielke (

Water Resources Committee

In support of APWA members and their communities, advocate and educate for the responsible, reasonable, efficient and effective management of water resources.

Committee Chairs: Jayne Janda-Timba and Greg Humora (

Website & Social Media Committee

The Website/Social Media Committee is dedicated to reaching out, promoting, and distributing current information on APWA functions and activities to its members using all levels of social media and aims to create activities that appeal to members and also provide access and networking opportunities.

Committee Chair: Tedi Jackson (

Young Professionals

Welcome Young Professionals! APWA is a leading industry resource for public works professionals. The Young Professionals group is a branch of the organization which aims to connect and empower young professionals and assist in their development to become leaders in the public works field. At YP you can network with both peers and experienced professionals in a supportive environment through engaging and interesting events including:

  • Brewery Tours and Happy Hours
  • Speaker sessions (with beer)
  • Field Trips
  • Construction Sites
  • Historic/ Landmark Sites
  • Scholastic/ Research Facilities
  • Mentorship Program

Committee Contact:

Committee Chair: Catherine Showley (

Committee Members:

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